​DDG'S Nozzle set

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DDG'S Nozzle set

MADE TO ORDER trun around time is 7 to 10 day business days

All Nozzles are made by hand and we take pride in what we do please allow a few days for us to finish them and we will send as soon as they are ready


1 Shower Nozzle Click to see Nozzle in action

1 Deshed Nozzle Click to see Nozzle in Action

DON'T HAVE A HYDROBATH?? Click Here for the Solution

I specifically designed these nozzles to work on the hydrobaths and my portable hydrobath. They require a 18mm quick connect that fits a 19mm hose.

I also mainly designed these to help save water that's why I designed them for the hydrobaths and my pump setup

I have adapter kits for purchase if needed or you're welcome to source one out yourself.

Hrdyosurge/ normal garden hose/main pressure

**Please note there is a kit for this but NOT highly recommended as I designed them specifically for recirculating system in mind for saving water and using the product in the water.

Plus your having to rely on mains pressure and if your pressure where you live isn't very good your not going to be happy. This is why I designed the for hydrobath and my portable hydrobath system like the ones I make and sell. But in the end if you still want to use them this way I can't stop you but I can't grantee your going to be happy. You use it this way at your own expense.

DON'T HAVE A HYDROBATH?? clheck out the solution

The DDG shower nozzle will ensure full penetration of even the thickest of coats. Fantastic for breaking up dirt, natural oils and dead skin cells, as well as depositing shampoo and conditioner all the way down to the skin. It significantly reduces scrub time which in turn will prevent the strain of repetitive hard scrubbing.

The DDG deshed nozzle is designed and hand made in Australia, and is an absolute game changer. Using water to loosen and remove even the most stubborn of undercoat the benefits of this method of deshedding are significant;

Gentle on the dog by eliminating scraping tools that damage the coat and skin, keeping your workspace clean by ensuring no hair is flying around, reducing groomer's risk of RSI by decreasing scraping movements.

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